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*Like A BossYoga

Elle Swan is a Spiritual WarriorIntuitive Life Coach,World Traveler, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher & International Speaker who teaches women and men how to rise above fear, stress, and personal limitations by showing them how to access the  extraordinary power of their "Inner Boss." 

She is the author of three books, and has appeared on ABC, NBC, and FOX with more than 75 on-air appearances...and much more! 

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When you practice Like A Boss Yoga with Elle Swan, you quickly realize that it is NOT about forcing your body to move in a certain way...it's not about forcing anything. 

It's about discovering and owning your TRUE power.

It's about fully standing up for yourself and your dreams.

Let's face it. We are living in a time of extreme comparison, extreme stress, and many times...extreme isolation. There are fewer and fewer places where people can go without feeling like they have to look or seem "perfect."

Elle creates an atmosphere where people can safely peel away the layers of limitation that box them into small predictable lives. During and after this experience students truly feel free to achieve what they once thought was impossible.

Her Vinyasa classes, private sessions and coaching programs are designed with a strong respect for the ancient traditions of yoga, along with a right here, right now real-ness  that meets the unique


of  our times.

The "Like A Boss Yoga" experience provides you with a vigorous yet practical method for bringing more peace, confidence and wellness into your life.